The last Arling&Cameron album came out in September 2001. In October a tour van crash snapped Cameronís back and broke up the band. They had hit a wall. They could never be about wallpaper again. So call it poetry that this album opens with an ĎI Will Surviveí for our century. Only itís more danceable than just merely dance floor. So shake it. (And donít forget to get naked.) Can we change the world? Yes. We just have to say it: no more shit. Come on say it: I donít need it. Why would you? When you can keep it simple: just be smart and sharp and respectful for things like respect and harpsichords. Suck back on that and by the time the third song hits: you know the boys are back in town and pushing certain, er, thresholds. They walk that way and itís your way. Towards the light and towards being open. Yes, you can hurt me; youíre that free. Take a chance. Actions always speak louder than words but you can still wrap those bricks of dis in a happy sauce. Call it stealth mode but feel free to make it a loud mode. Remember the harpsichord? Now tune in to the four tones of the ukulele. Indeed everything will be alright. Things can change! No good ever gets completely lost. Your lover may be gone but you can still throw back the blanket and catapult yourself into the world. But then maybe first get un-naked for a whileóthatís just some practical advice. More modest wisdom: we canít be somebody else. We can only be peace. In ourselves. Love yourself baby! Make Arabs and Israelis dance. World Peace? Why the fuck not? Only you make it real. As real as the world.
As real as casio krautrock with gospel singers and definitely as real as bass and snare. So take advantage. Love your computer. Lick your roots. Bite into possibility. Princess Superstar did. Are you a superstar? Well then be a whistling one. Find some popcorn 2006 to chew on. Then chew on it good before fusing Crazy Horses with Snow Whiteís Seven Dwarves of the Apocalypse. Mmm crunchy reggaeton. But never gorge on mind games. Feel vulnerable. Be wounded. And donít mind itóitís better than it all just being a game. Feel free to be beautiful. Feel free to live life as if it was a nature documentaryóbut embrace Attenborough more than you do Grizzly Man. Just relax. Itís all about slow food and perfect moments. Perfect naked moments. Yes of course you can get naked again. Just enjoy. This is a pumper-upper. A&C are the fluffers for both the night and the good fight. And one final wee kernel of truth: whether heading up or down, take the stairs without a frown. Theyíre better for you.

Steve Korver